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Meer started in 1998 as a family business trading in menswear, operating in a small leased store in Dohuk, Kurdistan. The directors are visionary, well educated, travelled, and bilingual with excellent knowledge of trading and the retail business, particularly in menswear and related products. They gained direct experience of trends and the international fashion industry by visiting fashion centres such as Paris, Milan, Colon, Madrid and Lisbon where they attended many exhibitions for designer clothes, shoes, and perfumes.

Meer has secured agreements with several large global suppliers such as Italian Moreschi, Spanish Classic and Portuguese Tlan. The company’s vision is to be a centre of excellence and elegance for the whole of Kurdistan and to provide quality products backed by strong customer service, both offline and online. Meer believes in strong management and team-working as well as partnership with large and branded suppliers.

That, coupled with the directors’ aim to make Meer one of the most successful companies in the region, has been a key factor in the company’s success. We have expanded from a two-man business to a company now employing more than twenty full-time staff. We own our own freehold exclusive eight story state-of-the-art building and have equipped it with the latest technology for security and efficient business. This provides our customers with a shopping experience similar to that of department stores in the West such as Selfridges.

At Meer, we are constantly on the search for opportunities to expand our range of products and services. For example, we identified and seized the opportunity to invest in importing fabrics from China and tailoring different designs of shirts, suits and trousers in Turkey. We have successfully increased our product range; in addition to menswear, Meer now also trades in perfumes and shoes as well as children clothes and footwear (in a dedicated new store, especially built in Dohuk and opened in 2011). These new products complement our longer established products. We are in the process of opening a new store in Ernbil, the capital of Kurdistan. We also value diversification; for example, we recently opened the new Meer Motel in Dohuk.

Aware of rising living standards and thriving economy in Kurdistan as well as the demand from our customers for quality merchandise, Meer decided to establish a liaison office in London to facilitate our business activities  in Europe. This includes liaison with our European suppliers, purchasing, shipments and arranging  visits to exhibitions.  Our office is based in the heart of London at  259 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BA.

At Meer, we believe in online retailing and technological innovation. We are proud to announce the forthcoming launch of our eCommerce state-of-the-art website which will enable customers to browse through our catalogue and buy online wherever they have Internet access. This is another example of Meer’s pioneering approach.

Such innovation and expansion have significantly increased our profit margins. Meer is now a company with a multi-million (US$) annual turnover and assets exceeding six millions US$. Meer is an active member of the Dohuk Chamber of Commerce and our management team are well aware of the commercial activities in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Through our strategy, investment  and  collaboration with our  London-based sister company, View I.T. Support Ltd. we are delighted to be a company that is able to contribute  in the development of the region and its economy.